MakeDNNSite DotNetNuke Installation Guide

MakeDNNSite DotNetNuke Installation Guide 1.0

MakeDNNSite is a simple installation helper for DotNetNuke
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Installing DotNetNuke can be a bit of a challenge, especially for first-time users. Or you hate to go through the process of setting up a site in IIS, defining a database in SQL Server, download the DotNetNuke ZIP file, unpack it to then finally run the DotNetNuke Install Wizard.
MakeDNNSite will install DotNetNuke on your system, so you don't have to worry about all the little details. Specifically, it does all of the following:
- Defines your new website in IIS (your web server)
- Creates the necessary folders with appropriate permissions
- Defines logging options (simple) and places the log file with your website's folder
- Defines a new database in your database server
- Creates the appropriate database permissions
- Downloads the ZIP file to install DotNetNuke
- Optionally, uses a ZIP file that is already on your system
- Unpacks the Installation ZIP file
- Updates your system's Hosts file so you can access your website with a real URL (website name)
- Updates your Web.config file so the DotNetNuke Install Wizard doesn't have to do much magic

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